Saturday, January 16, 2010

My first post and order for 2010 !

It was nice to have a break from baking over Christmas, but it was also a lovely surprise when i received a call last week for an order of baby shower cupcakes! The order was for 6 cupcakes and whilst many people don't take orders for such a small amount i just enjoy making cupcakes so much that i don't mind making half a dozen. I'm not a business so i dont have strict rules. I am just so honoured when someone asks me to make something for them. And plus i was just happy to bake after having a little break but it also meant that i wasnt going to spend forever in the kitchen :)

Nadine decided on the Planet Cake baby design for her friend's baby shower - 3 of the normal one's and 3 screaming babies. I was really looking forward to making the screaming babies as i had never made them before, and i love trying new things.

Thanks for your order Nadine, i hope the girls enjoy them.

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  1. these are great! You'll have to bake some for Inga when they have her morning tea when she goes on maternity leave (ages away, I know).



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