Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mum's Birthday Cake

Tomorrow 7th October is my mum's birthday. My mum has always been the most sweetest, honest, caring and loving mum one could hope for and i love her to bits. I love her birthday because it means we get to spoil her a little more, but she is so amazing that she really deserves to be spoilt every day.

Seeing as though cake decorating has become my new hobby, i thought that this year part of my present to her would be a cake. I knew it would take me quite some time and it just feels more special giving her something which has required time and patience.

This was my first cake on my own!!!! I was relying on what i had learnt at Planet Cake's Basics 101 to get me through! I decided on the Giant Cupcake cake from the Planet Cake book. I was a little nervous to begin with and asked myself many times why i didn't pick a simple round cake!

It was almost impossible to get a perfectly smooth dome but i did the best i could and the fact that the dome had 2 layers of fondant (the brown and the white) meant that a few little bumps miraculously disappeared :) I had heaps of fun and really enjoyed the whole process from baking the cake, ganaching and covering with fondant.

I was really pleased with how the cake turned out. Im so excited and cant wait to bring it to the table tomorrow night when we'll be having a small family birthday dinner.

I feel much more confident having done a whole cake on my own and am ready to tackle some more designs. A round cake should now be a breeze right??? Let's hope so!

Happy Birthday mum, i love you xox


  1. Wow that looks fantastic! Awesome job you should be really proud. Your mum will be very surprised! :)

  2. I thought i would post a comment for my wife. She loves baking and as you can see she has quite a knack for it! All her cookies, cupcakes and cakes turn out amazing. I'm proud of how far she has come in such a short time. Keep up the good work babe:-)

  3. Romina, it looks fantastic! I bet your mum was pleased. The cherry on top looks great!

  4. You did realy well it looks amazing in the photo....im a 100% sure your mum loved it:)!



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