Saturday, October 17, 2009

Butterfly Effect

I was having troubles coming up with an interesting title for these cookies, and then with very good timing, i remembered the movie 'butterfly effect'!

I have a 'butterfly cookie' folder saved on my computer with a bunch of gorgeous designs which i have collected from the net so i decided it was time to christen the butterfly cutter i bought about 2 months ago!!

The net is just fantastic, it provides so much inspiration for people like me who arent very creative! My favourite design is this one Just gorgeous and not hard to make at all! I will actually be doing these for someone in December :)

Since these were for the joy of my nieces, i had to do them in pink! I copied a couple of the butterflies (i hope this is allowed!) from a very talented person on flickr, but i still added my own personal touch to them.

I used the embossing mat which i purchased at the high tea cupcakes course, and i just love using it! It gives such a lovely finish, especially when dusted with shimmer really accentuates the swirls.

My nieces loved them, especially the 9yr old. Her bedroom wall is covered with butterflies! They were both very impressed with how i got the 'swirly design' on the fondant....i had them going for a little while but finally confessed that i used the embossing mat :)

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