Thursday, October 29, 2009

An order for Halloween Cupcakes

I think sharing my cupcakes with work mates has finally paid off! :) One of my work mates asked me if i could make some halloween cupcakes for the weekend, she has a 19 month old son and they are having a little halloween party at home. I can just picture a bunch of little kids dressed up as monsters munching on cupcakes, so cute!

She left the design of the cupcakes up to me which was nice but requested a vanilla cupcake base as it is what most kids will eat. I decided to go with ghosts and pumpkins after finding a couple of tutorials on the internet. People are so kind and generous to share their ideas, i love the cake decorating world :) I made the pumpkins and ghosts on Wednesday night and let them dry over night, and used the following tutorials:

Husband had a wonderful idea of using fishing wire for the pumpkins and it worked alot better than using a knife, what a man :) So i will let him take credit for the pumpkins. And i just love the idea of using lollies under the ghosts, the kids will love the surprise I'm sure!

It was quite warm tonight and the swirl wasn't working as well as it should so im not 100% happy with them. It wasnt holding properly, especially compared to the swirl on the pink ribbon cupcakes i made recently. I just hope they dont all droop over night or i will be taking the morning off from work to re-do them!!!

I wanted to use black for the icing, as when i think of halloween i think black! but as these were for little kids i didnt want to make them too scary :)

Happy trick or treating everyone!!


  1. They look great!!! Thanks for sharing our link, we really appreciate it! =)

  2. No problem!! And thank you for sharing your can take some of the credit for my cupcakes :)



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