Friday, December 11, 2009

A mix of birthday cupcakes!

Last night was a busy night, but im not complaining! A colleague of mine asked if i could make some cupcakes for her niece's 8th birthday. It was lovely being asked and ofcourse i said yes!

Ella, the birthday girl knew exactly what she wanted! A very simple but pretty and girly flower cupcakes. I showed her some pictures i had saved from flickr and she chose a design. I have never met Ella but she seems like a very thoughtful girl because she requested spider cupcakes for the boys, how sweet!

I found a design for the spider cupcakes on flickr and so we based on spider on that but i think ours looks much cooler he he. Danny was wonderful and made the spiders. The legs are strips of licorice and the body is just a big ball of fondant, gosh, the kids are going to be bouncing around tomorrow!!! He even made a red strip down the back to resemble a redback spider :)

And as you can see, the cupcakes for the girls are cute and dainty, to suit Ella's personality i have been told.

I gave the cupcakes to my work colleague and she was thrilled, she really liked them. I have only recently started making cupcakes for people, so it's so nice to see the customer happy :)

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